About Lamplighter

Furniture that fits

My mother and father Carolyn & Myron Koppelberger are now the owners since October 1991. The store will stay in the family, when someday my husband and I become the new owners. So you will continue to get the same service you have always gotten from this family owned business

Lamplighter Furniture was started in December of 1979 by my Grandparents Robert & Velva Burgett.   

While choosing the name for the store they wanted something hometown and welcoming, so they came up with Lamplighter from

“The Old Lamplighter” song. One of their favorites

They started the store with the idea that the Zephyrhills retirement community needed someone to cater to them, and we have been the same ever since.

We strive to carry a better quality than you find in many big stores today.

We do our best to look for solid woods& Made-in-the-U.S.A.

We look for smaller sizes to fit you and your space.

We always give you our best price whether you’re getting one piece or a whole HOUSE OR ROOM full. Also We are always looking for good specials from the companies we carry so we can get you an even better price.

We go by all the manufactures warranties to give you the best customer service this family business can